The online course for Power sector are developed with the objective to create a pool of committed and competent professionals equipped with appropriate skills to steer the Indian Power Sector.


The course kit by Visio India mainly consists of basics of solar power with its impact of Environment, Solar Cell & Plate, Battery, Electrical Circuit and Safety, Hand Tools & Workers Safety Equipment etc. with interactive videos, case studies and Testimonials. Consisting of 6 Modules of 12 Hours Training Duration, the total course duration is 12 hrs. with 6 assessments, one at the finish of each module. Trade Certification would be issued on completion of all 6 modules

With a commitment to promote measures for advancing the skills of people engaged in the power and electricity industry at entry level as well as in-service, the training modules by Vision India would help increase their productivity in the matters affecting the generation, transmission, distribution and training of electricity and power.
You can be immensely benefited by this e-module, based anywhere in the world at the luxury of your own time.

2500+ candidates certified under this e-learning program and successfully engaged with many Multinational Power sector organization across the country. You may be the next one to create a mark for yourself.