Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Are you just a beginner or do you already have experience working in the cloud? The Azure AZ-900 free certification course offered by LiveSkills equips you with core concepts, services, and everything you need to get started.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals


Cloud computing provides a range of cutting-edge resources. These resources include storage, infrastructure, servers, databases, software, networking, analytics, etc., all accessible over the internet (“cloud”).

Today, cloud technology provides organisations with rapid scaling, innovation, efficiency, agility, and cost reduction. This drives both crisis resilience and sustainable growth.

Microsoft Azure is one of the major players in the public cloud domain, with an expanding industry presence. As various organisations today are moving to the cloud, cloud expertise is now a crucial skill for every:

  1. Architect
  2. Developer, or
  3. IT admin

This certification covers:

  1. The foundational level knowledge of Microsoft Azure concepts
  2. Core solutions and management tools
  3. Core Microsoft Azure services
  4. General security and network security
  5. Governance, privacy, and compliance features
  6. Microsoft Azure cost management
  7. Service level agreements

This course includes:

  1. 240 hours of video content
  2. Assessment modules to track your progress
  3. Assured Employment assistance
  4. Accessibility on mobile, Laptops, Tablets, TV, etc.


  1.  B.Tech/M.Tech in any field
  2. No specific Technical Background required
  3.  No Azure account or subscription required
  4. Enthusiasm for mastering Microsoft's constantly growing cloud platform

Who is this course for?

  1. Anyone who is interested in the cloud.
  2. IT professionals aiming to work with Microsoft Azure or learn about it.
  3. Candidates with non-technical backgrounds wanting cloud knowledge.
  4. Candidates with technical backgrounds who want advanced certifications in the future
  5. Individuals involved in Software Architecture & development.

Our Approach

  1. The Program consists of 10 learning modules, blending online learning, video-based learning, hands-on exercises, and practical sessions.
  2. The course lets you learn the basics of cloud computing, and its advantages.The Course also lets you select the right Microsoft Azure solution for various business scenarios.
  3. Each module in the course provides you with the knowledge and training in the domain.
  4. Each module is focused on preparing you for the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 course.
  5. At the end of the course, you can undergo an assessment for self-assessment and progress tracking.
  6. Successful completion of the course and assessment makes you eligible for Azure AZ-900 free certification

Why choose us

  1. The course guides you into several databases and big data services that are available on Microsoft Azure.
  2. Our course will prepare you to successfully qualify for Azure AZ-900 certification.
  3. Assessment at the end of the course will help you polish your skills, making it meaningful and effective.


  • Introduction to cloud computing
    Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
    Introduction to Azure Fundamentals
    Azure Fundamentals/Cloud Computing
    Cloud Server
    Cloud Services Provider
    Scope of Work

  • Azure Resources & Subscriptions
    Azure Resource Manager
    Azure Storage & Account
    Azure Tags
    Azure Storage Account & its types
    Azure BLOB Storage
    Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    Azure Files Storage
    Azure File Sync

  • Azure Table Storage
    Azure Storage explorer
    Azure Import/Export Service
    Azure Storage replication

  • Azure Virtual Machines
    Azure VMs & Interfaces
    ARM Templates
    Data Disks in Azure
    VHD Templates
    Custom Images of Azure VM

  • App Service Web App for containers
    App Service Plan
    Networking for an App service
    Azure Development Slots
    Azure Container Image
    Azure Kubernates Service
    Azure Container Registry

  • Azure Virtual Network
    IP Address- Public and Private Ips
    Azure Vnet Subnets
    Azure NIC
    Route table
    Service Tags
    Azure DNS
    Private DNS
    Application Gateway
    Azure Load balancer
    Azure firewall
    Azure Firewall

  • Identity and Access Management in Azure
    Role based Access Management
    Role Definitions
    Role Assignment in Azure resources
    Azure Users & Groups

  • Azure Active Directory
    Windows AD Vs Azure AD
    Azure Connection
    Azure Authentication
    Azure Active Directory User
    Windows AD Vs Azure AD
    Azure AD Users, groups, domains, tenants
    Authentication options
    Self Service Password Reset
    Azure AD connect
    Azure Multi factor authentication (MFA)
    Resource locks

  • Understanding VM migration
    Azure Migrate
    Azure Site recovery
    Azure Server Assessment
    Server Migration

  • Application Programming Interface
    Cosmos Database
    Data Model
    Define Function
    Elastic Scale
    Azure Partition
    Azure Partition Keys
    Azure Policies
    Azure Relationship
    Azure Replication
    Azure Request Calculator
    Azure Resources
    Azure Self URL
    Azure Server Programming
    SQL & noSQL
    SQL Operator
    Azure Trigger
    Azure User


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