Design Thinking

The comprehensive Design Thinking course offered by LiveSkills enables individuals to leverage the Design Thinking approach to obtain solutions to the challenges within product development, business, service, organisation, or corporate strategy.

Design Thinking


Design Thinking involves an iterative process crafted to understand the user needs, challenge assumptions, and define problems in a manner that uncovers alternative approaches and solutions that might not be immediately apparent.

The Design thinking course offered by LiveSkills carefully guides you through each step from fundamentals to the expert level in the domain. What does this course offer you?

  1. This Design Thinking course lets you actively engage in the actual business case experiences.
  2. The hands-on approach will enable you to deep delve into how the design thinking tools function.
  3. During the course, you will gain expertise in Design Thinking methodologies, focused on business requirements analysis, customer research, problem definition, and generating ideas.
  4. Besides this, you will acquire the skills to conduct prototyping, testing, and deliver impactful solutions.

This course includes:

  1. 12 hours of on-demand video
  2. Assessment modules to track your progress
  3. Assured job opportunities
  4. Accessibility on mobile, Laptops, Tablets, TV, etc.
  5. Free LiveSkills Certification upon course completion


  1. No prior knowledge of the domain is required.
  2. A personal drive to foster innovation and understand the customer’s requirements.
  3. Desire to learn new design abilities and create an impact on the market.

Who is this course for?

  1. Anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of design thinking methods.
  2. Anyone wanting to create an impact and deliver amazing results within their projects.
  3. Professionals utilising Design Thinking methods and tools regularly but are seeking a fresh perspective at things.
  4. Individuals aiming to create exceptional customer experiences.

Our Approach:

  1. Our course enables you to learn everything about design thinking, delving into not just  the high-level process providing a comprehensive understanding of each step.
  2. The course lets you understand the workings of design thinking tools with real examples of the results, enabling you to anticipate the results associated with the method.
  3. You will learn design thinking methods emphasising on business requirements analysis, problem definition, customer research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and impact delivery.
  4. The course offers complete step-by-step detailed instructions on applying Design Thinking creatively to solve challenges across product, service, business, organisational, and corporate strategy.

Why choose us?

  1. Our course lets you understand how to use the Design Thinking approach to solve your challenges in the project.
  2. With the course, you have the opportunity to either tackle your own challenge alongside the course or just learn how Design Thinking works with the help of our sample challenge.
  3. In the course, you will receive a range of tried-and-tested methods that can help you carry out a design thinking process independently.

  • Introduction Of Principle & Design Thinking

  • Applying Design Thinking To A Problem

  • Communicating Your Idea

  • Digital Footprint


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