Train The Trainer

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Train The Trainer

This "Train the Trainer Program" is a structured initiative designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective trainers themselves. This program focuses on empowering trainers to deliver high-quality training sessions, facilitate learning experiences, and transfer knowledge effectively to others within their organization or field.


Through a blend of theoretical instruction, practical demonstrations, and hands-on activities, participants in a Train the Trainer Program learn essential teaching methodologies, communication techniques, and facilitation skills. They also gain insights into adult learning principles, training assessment methods, and effective training evaluation techniques.


The primary aim of a Train the Trainer Program is to enhance trainers' abilities to engage learners, deliver impactful training sessions, and ultimately contribute to the development and success of their organization. By investing in the development of trainers, organizations can ensure the consistent delivery of quality training, promote a culture of continuous learning, and empower employees to reach their full potential.


This  Train the Trainer Program serves as a cornerstone for building a skilled training workforce, fostering knowledge transfer, and driving organizational growth and excellence through effective training and development practices.

  • Introduction

  • Behavioural and Interpersonal Skills


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