Logistics is regarded as the backbone of the economy, providing efficient and cost effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend. Logistic industry in India is evolving rapidly.


This online learning course by Vision India teaches you about measuring and reporting inventory. The course consists of 4 modules with 8-10 hrs. of total course duration where you will study the process from the physical counting of goods to the inclusion of costs such as transport or insurance, to the calculation on the value of the goods thereby connecting the cost of goods to retained earnings and the balance sheet. You will also look into the different methods of apportioning costs to a stock item, and more!

You will learn that merchandise inventory is the goods that are purchased with an intention to be sold to third parties, how is the inventory costing done, types of costing methods and the benefits associated with them. There will be 4 assessments, and a final certification in Inventory Management at successful completion of each module.

2600+ candidates have successfully completed the course with us with a reported hiring rate of more than 85%, you cab be the next best offer from a leading Logistics Corporate House.