The Indian economy is opening up its horizons for tourism & hospitality industry as it continues to integrate with the world economy. Besides the regular jobs of a travel agent, tour guide, air hostess, chef, waiter, managers and other opportunities await those who are keen on taking up a job in this sector.


This fast-changing, dynamic and highly competitive field expects well-trained hospitality professionals with a serious work ethic. Our learners would be taken through the characteristics of the modern hospitality Industry and will learn about hotel management, front office operations and the housekeeping department. Lastly, you will be taken through the food and beverages services sector including restaurant operation, food serving, delivery and food safety.

The offered course module consists of 2 courses each divided in to 4 course modules with a training duration of 3 hrs. each. Totaling about 10-12 hrs. of total training course along with 4 assessments, interactive videos, case studies and testimonials.So kick start an exciting career in the healthcare Industry.