City Gas Distribution - Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry

Inviting Engineers – Creating a career roadmap, linking them to
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The Petroleum & Natural Gas industry is among the 8 core industries in India and plays a key role in the country's economic progress. Leveraging this opportunity & in pursuit to create a set of Industry relevant & focused skilled workforce, LiveSkills has created this certification course for Degree or Diploma Engineers, linking them to employability. The course enables learnings, a blend of theoretical & practical, specific to the skill requirements of the hydrocarbon industry and enabling the participants for employment opportunities, locally and globally.



Diploma / Degree Engineers


125 Hours


3 Modules with Assessment
Learn & Earn

Learn & Earn

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Program Overview

The Engineering Graduate Foundation Program - CGD is a 125 Hours Program designed to transform engineers into industry ready professionals, gearing up to brace a flourishing career in a sunshine sector. The course is designed for Graduates keen to pursue an Engineering Career in City Gas Distribution division under Petroleum & Natural Gas industry. The Program is offered with placement opportunities in India and other countries of the world. Our focal point has been to understand CGD Eco system to cater to the competence gaps in Petroleum & Natural Gas industries.

Our 3-module course takes participants on a comprehensive journey from the basics of gas and PNG through to contemporary issues facing the industry. The modules begin with basics of Metal Technology & Design, mastering Electrofusion Welding in CGD, complex Project Management Techniques and conclude with detailed discussions about Health, Safety, Well being and Security Procedures.

Course Fee : INR 25,000/-

Registration Charges : INR 10,000/-

Module 1 completion : INR 15,000/-

Earn a Stipend *

Earn a Stipend : INR 15,000/- onwards

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