The Retail sales training by Vision India is a detailed Start-up Kit to master the retail business - how to start a conversation, knowing your customer, engage and build trust, how to showcase you product benefits, address queries, and sell value over price.


The online training program & certification module is scientifically designed by industry experts & Industry specialized Training professionals with decades of credentials covering 5 Modules, one assessment at the end of each module along with related videos and case studies. Total course duration is 10 hrs. and covers basics of Retail Sales & Retail Terminologies, Supply Chain, Equipments & Consumables, Merchandise Delivery, etc.

Mastery comes when you imbibe the learnings through practice, role-play and through a series of assignments and case studies. Our goal is to prepare you not just to get it right once on a test but that you've practiced it so well, you can't get it wrong when on the sales floor. Retail has to be more than a transaction in a store. It is about creating an exceptional experience and simply more time with a customer does not equal more sales.

More than 8000 candidates have been successfully placed so far after completing their training and certification with us, joining India’s leading Retail chain corporations. Start your journey now