Course - English Seekho

Upgrade your Level of English by Liveskills English Course.

Three levels as per your needs: 1) Beginners 2) Intermediate and 3) Advanced.


The course is interactive with effective communication and visual presentation to make your learning process easy and enjoyable. Course duration for each level is around 75 hours covering interactive videos. To make the course more meaningful and effective you need to go through an assessment after each module and once you complete all the modules a certification of completing the course will be given by Liveskills

Fluent and correct English (the world’s global language) makes you / your kids develop a confident outlook while interacting with others in a professional and personal environment.

These interactive courses help you unlock your /your kid’s potential and get future-ready. We teach you how to communicate effectively and build better professional relationships through Online, written, and non-verbal communication.

Our visual presentation skills help you present yourself well and look at English as a skill and not as a subject.

These course modules complement learnings across all subjects thus providing freedom to students like you  to become enthusiastic learners.