Live Skills For Live Jobs

Liveskills is a 360 degree skilling organization, a platform focused exclusively on Skill building for employability & employment


LiveSkills offers a comprehensive talent-on-demand services to its clients with its state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies essential for delivering darted skills required for the Job and the team that understands the clients’ needs and technologies.

In this model, the candidates will be put through a rigorous training programme and be recruited at the end of it based on performance in assessment. The advantage of this model also includes preparation with respect to specific job role, better alignment to company culture and importantly, an outcome-based training model.

The companies get trained workforce that have hands-on experience in the technologies that they work with, hire them right off the campus, fresh out of the training, and such a work-force displays productivity from day 1 at job that saves companies huge resources.